Proceeds Benefit
The Cure Starts Now

Upcoming Races

May 17, 2014Charlotte, NC


June 22, 2014Ft. Collins, CO


June 28, 2014Hyde Park Blast
Cincinnati, OH


July 12, 2014Woodstock, IL


October 25, 2014Sugarloaf, PA


November 8, 2014Highland Village, TX


National Race Against The Odds
Spring 2015Arlington, VA

Coming Soon

Race Against The Odds a nationwide race which benefits The Cure Starts Now and their mission to find the homerun cure for cancer by focusing on one of the deadliest of cancers: pediatric brain cancer.

Started by Jon and Neely Agin in Arlington, VA in honor of their daughter Alexis, who bravely battled DIPG. Race Against the Odds are family friendly events run by ordinary supporters who want to make a difference and raise money for a worthy cause. Race Against the Odds races vary in size and scope, but each have the heart and soul of the race organizers. Please take a minute to drop us a message and let us know you are interested in learning more. We would love to tell you more about this unique race and how YOU can make a difference in these kids' lives.

Interested in starting a race? Please contact us at or call (513) 772-4888.